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Annammal College of Nursing was started in the academic year 2007-08. It was inaugurated on 03.10.2007 with a dedication service conducted by     Rt. Rev.G. Devakadaksham, the Bishop of Kanyakumari Diocese.


The College is situated in the Annammal Hospital Campus at Kuzhithurai in the National highway connecting Trivandrum (36km) and Nagercoil (28km) and is located in a serene and hilly widespread region with well fenced natural atmosphere. It is well connected by train and bus. It is just at 100m on the national highway from kuzhithurai junction.
The college was established as training centre for ANM in 2003 and was upgraded to GNM Programme in 2006.  To combat the acute shortage of nurse educators and meet the changing demand of qualified nurses in the health sector it was raised to a full fledged college in year 2007 with adding Basic Nursing Programme.


Dr.Sheeba Jayalal MBBS, DGO
Founder Trustee and Chairman


Members of Governing Body
Chairman                                          : Dr. Sheeba Jayalal MBBS DGO
Secretary: Dr. J.A. Jayalal MS, FICS, DLS, FIAGES,MBA
Members  : Mrs. Jerlin Priya MSc(Nursing),  Principal
 Mrs. Hazlin M.Sc., MBA, Administrative Officer
The main aim of our institution is to motivation and equips the students with nursing aptitudes in the rural areas so as to empower them and to up bring the standards of society and thereby achieve physical, mental, social and spiritual health of the people.
 This trust is formed on the memory of the philanthropist and visionary late    Mr. J.Austin with the motto of “ Love your neighbor as you  love yourself”. The main objective of the Annammal College / School of Nursing will be to impart he health care facilities with human face and instill the attitude of providing tender loving care with empathy and compassion to the needy and sick people so they will be cured not only physically but also have positive impact on mental, social and spiritual state too.
The students of this institution will be motivated and educated to serve and discharge their duties with love and compassion as God loves the world and as they do it for themselves and for their family members. We also endeavor to up bring the deserving candidates especially from rural areas irrespective of caste, creed or religion to render quality care to the sick.
In this southern part of our country with high literacy rate and mental aptitude for this professional course, this institution will be able to educate and produce nurses of high standard and quality with homely and spiritual atmosphere. This institution will strive hard for the comprehensive development of the nursing students as a person by developing their skills, attitudes and character and the students will be taught and trained to uphold the dignity and divinity of nursing profession as shown by the lady with a lamp, Florence Nightingale and also Mrs.Annammal and to mould them as a socially relevant, spiritually alive and professionally competent nursing personal in this world. The achieve this and keep them physically fit, time and facilities for sports and games will be provided along with moral and spiritual education.
            We the Management and Faculties

  1. Believe that the basic course in nursing is a formal educational preparation which should be based on educational principles.  Recognize that the basic course in nursing should prepare nurses for first level positions in nursing both in the hospital and in the community.
  2. Believe that the practice of nursing as described above requires a good understanding of basic scientific principle.
  3. Recognize that nursing is a profession which is influenced by advances in science and technology.
  4. Believe that good communication skill is essential for practice of nursing
  5. Recognize that the nature of nursing is such that a substantial portion of the students learning is acquired in the clinical area.
  6. Recognize the interdependence of nursing with allied professions and occupations in promoting, maintaining and restoring health and in particular supervising the auxiliary personnel in the nursing service.
  7. Believe that we have responsibility in helping the student to develop pride in the profession and in guiding them with respect to their future in nursing.
  8. Believe that we have a responsibility for the all round development of the student.



Recognized by

Indian Nursing Council
132/02/Apr/ 2008- INC dt. 11/07/08

Tamilnadu Nurses and Midwives Council
144/NC/2008 dt. 19/12/08

Affiliated by

The Tamilnadu Dr.M.G.R.Medical University
32010/Affln II(1) 2007 dt. 31/07/08

Government order

G.O.MS No. 336 dt. 13/09/07



Recognized by

Indian Nursing Council
133/02/MAY/ 2008- INC dt. 18/07/2008

Tamilnadu Nurses and Midwives Council
83/NC/2008 dt. 19/12/08

Government order

G.O.MS No. 68 dt. 22/02/07

Our Faculty

Mrs.J.M.Jerlin Priya, M.Sc(N),
Medical Surgical Nursing




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Details of Tamil Nadu





Mrs. J.M. Jerlin Priya

Christian College of Nursing,
Dr. MGR Medical University Chennai
Nov 2000

Annai J.K.K College of Nursing,
Dr. MGR Medical University Chennai
Aug 2004



7 Yrs







Mrs. Mary Jasmine.N

Rani Meyyammai College of Nursing, Annamalai University, Chidambaram
July 2003

Rani Meyyammai College  of Nursing, Annamalai University, Chidambaram.
Sep 2007








3 Lecturer

Mrs. Jobin Livingston.L.


Sri Ramakrishna Institute Coimbatore
Dr. MGR Medical University.

Nov 2001

Sarvodaya College of Nursing,
Bangalore RajIv Gandhi UniversityOF Health Sciences, Karnataka

Sep 2007

  4 ½ Yrs 56678 62650
4 Asst.

Mrs. Mahizha Queency Bell.M

CSI Jayarai  Annapakayam -College of Nursing Madurai
Dr. MGR Medical University Chennai
November -2001
    8yrs 58074 63966
5 Asst.
  College of Nursing, Madras Medical College, Chennai,
Dr.MGR Medical University
October 2004
    4 yrs. 6months 66918  
6 Asst.

Mrs. Suhila.T

Christian College of  Nursing
Dr. MGR Medical University Chennai
    3yrs 76546 81499
7 Asst.

Ms.Shibi .C.D


Sree Mookambika  College of  Nursing
Dr. MGR Medical University Chennai.
August -2006
    2 yrs.  7 months 75031 800085
8 Asst.

Mrs. Soniya. T.P.


Nehru Nursing College, Vallioor
Medical University Chennai.
February – 2007
    2yrs 800054 84803
9 Clinical Instructor

Mr. Angelin Kiruba.B

Christian College of  Nursing
Dr. MGR Medical University Chennai.
February -2008
10 Clinical Instructor


Sharmila College of  Nursing
Dr. MGR Medical University Chennai.
August -2008
    7 months    
11 Clinical Instructor

Ms.Amirtha Leena

Appollo  College of  Nursing Chennai.       
Dr. MGR Medical University Chennai.
August -2008
    7 months    
12 Clinical Instructor

Ms.Vinitha Sterlin.M

Vel RS Medical College, College of  Nursing
Dr. MGR Medical University Chennai.
February -2008
13 Clinical Instructor

Ms.Etuk Aret Sharley.K

Sri Ramakrishna
Institute of  Paramedical Sciences, Coimbatore.       
Dr. MGR Medical University Chennai.
February -2009