Sri Manakula Vinayagar
College of Nursing


View of Class Room


The Nursing College is equipped with a well spaced Fundamental Lab.  The fundamental lab provides the students with all the necessary equipments to demonstrate the special procedure.  We have advanced whole basic CPR manikin which is designed according to the international CPR Standard.  It serves as ideal training aids for teaching and training CPR skills for students. The lab has different types of patient’s cot to teach the students how to use it.  We have Nurse training doll has been developed as a teaching model to demonstrate first aid and emergency situations.  The Medical Surgical Lab has surgical instruments, sterilizer and mini autoclave for patient care to demonstrate the standard nursing practices.

‘Sri Manakula Vinayagar Nursing College’ has a well-equipped lab which provides all the necessary equipments as per the requirements of students that are Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation Doll, Cradle, various types of Cots, all types of restraints, suitable play materials according to the age group, new style model, model of New born intubations etc.  It facilitates the students to acquire more knowledge and apply their skills in taking care of children.

‘Sri Manakula Vinayagar Nursing College’ has all  necessary facilities in the Community lab like number of Community bags, puppets, flash cards, Models, sterilization apparatus and other measuring equipments are available to promote the knowledge and skill in community practice and we have our own rural and urban health centers.  Our students are participating in all the health camps and providing health education and serving the health needs of medically undeserved areas.  Our main objective is string towards promoting holistic health.

We are proud to say that our OBG lab is spacious, well ventilated with enormous advanced equipments, special cots, phantom and various models etc.  We have separate Adult male and female pelvis, Model of female pelvic muscles and organs, the development process of fetus, Model for course of delivery, stages of labour and various abnormal position of the fetus which help the students to demonstrate and learn the skills.

Fundamental &
Medical Surgical Nursing Lab

Paediatric Nursing Lab

Community Health Nursing Lab



Anatomy – Physiology Lab

Bio-Chemistry & Micro-Biology

Computer Lab

The college is equipped with a well spaced Nutrition lab.  Ten units are available to facilitate proper practical education.  The stores are connected with common gas connection so as to ensure safety to the students.  The nutrition lab provides the students with all the necessary equipments so as to ensure safety to the students.  Crockery’s are available to help the students to learn the principles of serving.  Electronic weighing scale facilitates the students to calculate the portion size.  The lab is well ventilated to prevent congestion and to ensure safety to the students.

The Nursing College is equipped with a well spaced Anatomy & Physiology lab.  We have enormous equipments like Skeleton, various types of bone likes Skull, Humorous, Radius, Ulnar, Pelvis, Femur, Tibia, Fibula, etc.  Specimen of each system enhances the students to learn the structure and functions naturally.

Our college has a well equipped lab with various kinds of test tubes, pippet, photometer, Microscope, Incubator, hot air oven, water bath, Centrifuge, etc.  It facilitates the students to learn chemical reactions, measure the nutritive value of the protein, carbohydrates fats, etc., and view the micro-organisms, growth of micro-organisms, Sterilization process, etc.,

We are very proud to say that our Computer Lab is spacious, well ventilated with A/C.  We have more than 50 Computers for Students to operate, learn computers.  Our computer lab ensures safety to the students.


We are proud to say that our library is extensive, well ventilated, spacious with comfortable seating arrangements.  There is a full time qualified and well experienced Librarian who manages the Library.  There is a separate journal section.  Our Library is computerized too, providing E-Library with internet facility.  In fact, we are planning to establish departmental library in due course.


Sri Manakula Vinayagar Nursing College has a well equipped Audio-Visual aids department headed by a Senior Faculty Member.

 The equipments available are:

  • Overhead Projector
  • Automatic Slide Projector
  • Colour Televisions
  • Video Cassette Player
  • Video Cassettes on different topics
  • Articulated human skeleton
  • A set of bones
  • Number of anatomical charts
  • Models of eye, ear, larynx, heart, liver, trunk with organs, etc.
  • Charts and posters.
  • L.C.D.
These AV aids are regularly used by the faculty and also by students during their practice teaching.


Every student by virtue of joining the Nursing course, automatically becomes a member of the Student Nurses Association.  It is a nation wide organization, established in 1929.  A wide variety of activities is encouraged at all levels for the SNA members.  These activities are professional, social, cultural and recreational in nature and include organizing professional meetings and conferences, conducting exhibitions, essay writing and elocution contests, project works, dance, drama, music and painting, etc.  In addition to the above institutional celebrations like Lamp lighting, Graduation, Independence Day, Republic Day, College Day, etc., are organized.


Magazines of general reading such as India-Today, Film Fare, Woman’s Era, Wisdom, Nutrition and Health Care, Health for Millions, etc., and Newspapers such as ‘The Hindu’, ‘The New Indian Express’, ‘Deccan Chloride’, ‘Times of India, ‘Economic Times’, are purchased by our College Fund. The Institute provides spacious sports room which includes table tennis, Carom boards, Chess board and many other Indoor games.  There is also an outdoor game facility for throw ball and tenny coit.  The sports and recreation committee is responsible for organizing and conducting games and sports periodically and participating in State Level and National Level Competitions.


Hospital (Parental / Affiliated)

Sri Manakula Vinayagar Medical College & Hospital, is an ultra-modern, multi-specialty tertiary care hospital with medical research facilities.  The Hospital has an in-patient capacity of 600 beds, inclusive of 50 critical care beds in different specialties.  As a tertiary care hospital, the services are complemented with a day center, out patient facilities and an exclusive center for health check-up for executives.  The hospital is equipped with well-qualified and dedicated medical Professionals, Para-medical Staff and managerial support who regularly enhance their skills to the most contemporary world standard.
The various specialties covered are General Medicine, Pediatrics, Dermatology, Veneriology, Leprosy, General Surgery, Orthopedics, E.N.T., Ophthalmology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dentistry and Psychiatry.

Our main trust areas in Surgery are General Surgery, Pediatric Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, E.N.T., Obstetrics and Gynecology and Ophthalmology.  Every operation theatre is by itself complete with an attached recovery room, constant positive air pressure supply, total environment control and an alert team of trained medical and nursing staff.  The critical care unit, Intensive care unit and Emergency Intensive care unit are equipped with highly sophisticated cardiac monitoring system, ventilators, defibrillators, oxygen supply and suctions and Infusion, syringe pumps etc.  The diagnostic facilities offered are comprehensive to include laboratory service, imaging, cardiology and pulmonology. Laboratory services are available round the clock.  The services include Bio-Chemistry, Hematology, Micro-Biology, Serology, Histopathology and Transfusion medicine.  The laboratory also offers emergency and State-of-the art test with very short turn around time.  Imaging forms a key area of the diagnostic facilities at the hospital.  The department offers General Radiography, TMT & Echo-cardiography as well as ultra sonography.
Pulmonary function and stress testing offers a non invasive way of evaluating the functioning of the lungs and the heart and also in identifying high risk individual.  Infection control Surveillance measures at the hospital are backed by the Micro-biology department.  Many reviews by a team of medical doctors, administrators and nurses and strict monitoring aid in absolute infection control.
The Blood Bank is responsible for the supply of safe blood for transfusion the hospital catering department serves nutritious vegetarian food under the guidance of qualified dieticians.  In the quest for total hygiene, the laundry, house keeping and C&SD play vital roles to minimize the risk of infection.  An in-house pharmacy provides all essential medicines, medical and allied appliances to the patients, thus ensuring total control oven the quality of drugs administered to them.
The Out-patient Department, manned by Senior General Physicians, is backed by the Hospital’s comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic Services.  Patients in the lower income group receive free Out-patient services.  Patients in the lower income group receive free out-patient services.  This includes consultation, investigations and treatment.  


Sri Manakula Vinayagar Community Centre is one of the most fruitful centres for improving the health of the people.  It is that social, physical & cultural aspects of the care to the population based on cost effectiveness.  We have both Rural   and   Urban   Centre.     Our rural centre is located at Thirukkanur which is

10 km away from the SMVMCH.  It covers nearly 18,137 populations and urban centre is located at Villupuram which is 16 km away from the SMVMCH.  It covers nearly 6,457 populations; our Community centre adopted 3 Primary Health Centers such as Nettapakkam, Thirubuvanai & Mannadipet.  The centre is equipped with well-qualified and dedicated medical professionals, Para-medical staff, Lab technician and other assistant etc.  Our tremendous services are:-

  • Managing Emergencies,
  • Ante-natal care
  • Post-natal care,
  • Immunize the child and mother,
  • Prevention and control of diseases,
  • Collection & Report of Vital Statistics.
  • Conducing National Health Programmes,
  • Referral Services,
  • Home visits
Health education is given to the population by using various methods of Audio-visual aids.

Hostel facilities

Separate Hostel facility is available for both boys and girls.  Students are accommodated in spacious, well-ventilated rooms provided with all the necessary comforts.  They have a separate rooms provided with all the necessary comforts.  They have a separate Mess facility. A full time Warden is appointed to look after the general cleanliness of the hostel and to see that the students adhere to the rules and regulations.  She takes the night attendance at 8.00 p.m. and reports any violations of hostel rules to the Principal for corrective action.


The Institution owns three buses for transporting the students for their daily traveling  training programmes.