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Our Lady of Health Hospital

Our Lady of health Hospital was the out come of the ardent desire of His Excellency Rt. Rev. Dr. R. Arockiasamy Sundaram D.D., L.C.L.M.A, the first Bishop of Tanjore Diocese to render Medical help to the sick and the needy people of Thanjavur. The Bishop expressed his wish to Msgr. Mothavas to put up a hospital. He gladly complied with the wish of the Bishop and cooperated with him to fulfill his plan.

Accordingly the foundation stone for Our Lady of Health Maternity Clinic was blessed by our Bishop Sundaram and laid by the Honorable Mrs. Lourdammal, Minister for Local Administrative government of Madras on 20/3/1960.

With in a few months a small building to accomodate 16 beds was built for maternity and medical cases. A new building was constructed to accommodate 3 sisters to work in the Hospital.

On 05/04/1961 the hospital was blessed by Rt. Rev. Dr. Arockiasamy Sundaram and opened by Mrs. Lourdammal Simon Minister of for Local administrative, Tamilnadu.

As years went by there was not enough space for the patients. In 1964 a general ward with 20 beds was built and on 10/2/1964 it was blessed by Rt. Rev. Dr. Arockiasamy Sundaram. A staff quarters was built with 5 rooms in 1963 and also  a canteen in 1967.

In 1971 an outpatient department and on its first floor a living quarters for Resident doctors were constructed and blessed on 23/10/1971 by Bishop Sundaram.

As years passed one part time doctor and some more sister were posted. In 1976 an operation theatre was built in the main block itself, and some additional rooms were added. Some more rooms for patients were built.

The hospital also sent the sisters and its staff to the nearby villages to take care of their health needs. We also adopted villages and regularly our staff distributed medicines.
Recently we constructed three blocks to accommodate more patients and also to treat the out patients.
Now this hospital is self sufficient with all these arrangements.
Total Number of Beds are 200. To serve the poor people, 50 % of beds are allotted at free of cost.

There are few wards like:

  1. Medical Ward
  2. Surgical Ward
  3. Maternity Ward
  4. Pediatric Ward
  5. Gynecology Ward
  6. Communicable disease ward
  7. Ophthalmology Ward
  8. E.N.T
  9. Operation Theatre
  10. Casualty and Emergency unit
  11. Out Patient department
  12. Pharmacy
  13. Lab
  14. X – ray
  15. Scan
  16. ECG

The Visiting Doctors are:

  1. Dr. Samsan                                  - MD
  2. Dr. Gopalkrishnan                        - Ophthalmologist
  3. Dr. Ravikumar                              - MS Plastic Surgery
  4. Dr. Senthilkumar                          - MD, DM
  5. Dr. Mohankumar                          - Ophthalmologist
  6. Dr. Thamaraselvi                          - MD, DGO
  7. Dr. Jesudoss                                - ENT Specialist
  8. Dr. John                                       - Anesthetist
  9. Dr. Suresh                                    - Anesthetist
  10. Dr. Manorama                               - MBBS
  11. Dr. Shanthy Nathan                      - MBBS
  12. Dr. Joseph                                     - Orthopedician
  13. Dr. Chandra                                  - MD
  14. Dr. Meenachy Sundaram               - MBBS
  15. Dr. Shanthy Meenachy Sundaram - MBBS

    This Hospital was started with the following objectives
    1. To provide Medical care to the poor especially women and children.
    2. To function as referral hospital specially for gynecological cases from remote villages
    3. To give quality nursing care to the patients who are treated in this hospital.
The hospital is rendering the care to the people especially to the poor. Nearly 50 % of the patients are very poor and are treated free. It is also to be noted that orthopedic surgery is done to the children affected by polio free of cost.
Tie – Up Facility for School of Nursing and College of Nursing:
 To provide wider clinical knowledge to the students of the school of nursing and College of Nursing, we have tie-up facilities in various hospitals. They are
  • Government Hospital, Mannargudi, Thiruvarur Dt. (35 Km)
  • Raja Mirashdar Govt. Hospital,  Psychiatric Training Thanjavur
  • Rohini Hospital, Pudukottai Road, Thanjavur.
  • Rural – Govt. Primary Health Centre, Vallam.
  • Urban – Maharnoonbu Chavadi.
  • Own Community Health Centre Thirukannurpatti.

  • Community

    Urban Health Centre at Maharnonbu chavadi

    A Rural Health Center at Vallam

    Own Community Health Centre at Thirukannurpatti

    A Rural Health Center at VallamUrban Health Centre at Maharnonbu chavadi

    OPD Services / Family folders maintenance
    Referral of cases of higher institutions.
    Antenatal care (An clinic on all Wednesdays)
    Deliver / Postnatal Care
    Under fives clinic
    Primary immunization services (Every Wednesday)
    Laboratory Services
    School Health ( Thursdays / Fridays)
    Family Welfare Services
    Field visit to families for follow up
    Population covered:
    Services provided in the community areas
    Outpatient Services
    Laboratory Services & Pharmacy
    School Health Campus
    Inpatient Services

    Hostel facilities

    The Objective of our hostel is to provide students “ a home away from Home”. We want the students to experience freedom with responsibility, hard work combined with innovation and acquisition of Knowledge with self-confidence. We instill in them discipline, fraternity and peaceful coexistence. The students are taught to feel that they belong to one family and all the children of God. Equal treatment is given to all irrespective of caste, creed and language. They are made to realize that each human being is created with dignity and honour and each one is to be respected and loved. It is to be noted that the students are taught to help one another to study better and weak students are given special care.
    Rooms shall be allotted only on payment of Annual room rent for one full Academic year.
    The inventory Register will be signed by the Inmate and the Warden (for taking over / handing over).
    The warden under the guidance of the Chief Warder / Dy. Chief Warden shall make allotment of rooms.
    The Inmates are provided with cots, shelves, chairs and tables.
    Computer facility will be permitted only for the final year students at extra cost and approval of Principal.
    Students shall sign and formally take over the Rooms and fixtures in Good condition; separate undertaking kept for this purpose by the Wardens.
    The students / Inmates shall bring with them bedding, shawl, a lock for their room, plastic mug, buckets, spoons and tumblers.
    Members must occupy the rooms allotted to them and should not exchange room without the permission of warden.
    The Warden may shift members from one room to another on administrative grounds.

    Food Services

    Once a student joins the hostel, she is deemed to have become a member of the mess, till she leaves hostel officially.
    The hostel provides Vegetarian food and Non – Vegetarian in the mess. The food is recommended by the Mess committee, comprising of one student Representative ( one each from girls and from each of the Institutions). The menu for each mess is subject to approval of Administration.
    Extra food is served at extra charges.
    Mess fess should be paid through Demand Draft
    The Annual Mess fees for the full year should be paid in advance at the hostel office during the time of joining along with the rent.
    Tea and Meals will be served at the following hours:
    Morning Tea         6.00 a.m.
    Breakfast             7.00 a.m.         to         7.30 a.m.
    Lunch                   1.00 p.m          to         2.00 p.m.
    Evening Tea         5.00 p.m.         to         5.30 p.m.
    Dinner                  7.00 p.m          to         8.15 p.m.
    Friends, parents / Guests and visitors are not to be entertained in the Mess.
    Food will not be served in the hostel rooms and the inmates should not take the food to their rooms. When the inmate is sick, the warden will make suitable arrangements for serving food to the concerned student.
    The inmates are not permitted to enter the kitchen.
    Strict discipline in the Dining Hall should be maintained and food is not to be wasted / not shared from the glass.

    If an inmate is found indulging in wastages of food, severe disciplinary action will be taken apart from fine.
    Food particles are not to be thrown / splashed here and there in the Dining hall or in the verandahs of premises. Effort must be made to maintain hygiene everywhere and at all living places in the Hostel premises.
    There will be no fee reduction / refund in mess fees for absence / leave.
    Inmates are not permitted to order food from outside for supply and for consumption within the hostel premises.
    There  is a separate TV hall for students with sufficient sitting arrangements.
    There are indoor games such as Carom Board, Chess, Chinese checkers, Skipping, table tennis and outdoor Games such as Badminton with separate court facilities, Basketball and volleyball.