laboratories facilities - One Laboratory view photo
1. Fundamental Nursing
2. Child Health Nursing
3. Maternal Nursing
4. Community Health Nursing
5. Anatomy & Physiology
6. Nutrition Nursing
7. Other Labs (Biochemistry & Microbiology)
8. Computer Laboratory
Fundamentals Lab (Nursing Science Laboratory)
The Nursing Science Laboratory which measures about 1350 sq.ft.  We have 12 cots and 5 manikins for demonstration which includes 1 CPR manikin and rest of the four are used to demonstrate Medical and Surgical procedures for the students and well equipped with all the instruments which is used by the students for various procedures.
And also we have printed posters and Handmade posters which is made by students.
Equipments  available as per INC Requirements






MATERNAL AND CHILD HEALTH – LabMCH Lab contains of all models and posters which explains the stages of Labour,changes in breast during pregnancy, different types of presentation and congenital Malformation of new born.  We also have model which explains about stages of development of embryo, female & male reproductive organ and Female perineum.
We have one manikin to explain the labor process and 15 delivery – kits.  We have different types of specimen displaced in our lab like multiple pregnancy.  Placental abnormality and non cephalus.
Our MCH Lab is well equipped with all articles, models & specimen.


Equipments Available as per INC Requirements

We have our community Lab in our school building which is sq.ft.  The lab accomdoates about 25 students.  We have 45 will equipped Community bags which are Used by the students in the filed practice area.  Our Lab caters to the requirement of the students by providing.

  • Flash cards
  • Dolls for Puppet show
  • Flannel graphs
  • Flip charts
  • Weighing scales
  • BP apparatus
  • Posters
  • Models
  • Items  required for cooking demonstration and to stay in the community.

Our students visit both rural and urban areas.  In urban area we have a population of 51,142 but for the students learning purpose.  We concentrate on a population of 5000.  The rural area consists of   5  villages with a total population of  30,000. The rural area is our own adopted area.  We have our own vehicle which provides the required transportation for the students.

Equipments  available as per INC Requirements

Community Lab:

Anatomy Lab

Anatomy laboratory which measures about 405 sq.ft.  It consists of 4 cupboards which is kept under lock.  All types of bones such as flat bone, Irregular bone, long bone, short bone are placed in the lab separately.  We also have got printed posters and charts for all the systems.  System models are also available.

Equipments  available as per INC Requirements

Nutrition Lab
     The Nutrition laboratory which measures about 300 sq.ft.  We have gas stove, 2 click stoves and Cylinders.  We have various types of cook wares like Aluminium, Ceramic, Plastic and glass wares for cooking & demonstration.  Our lab is well equipped with all utensil & vessels used by the students for Nutrition practicals.  We have double door
refrigerator and also have printed hand made posters regarding food and food items.
Equipments available as per INC Requirements

Nutrition Lab:

Microbiology Lab





Vehicle (Swaraj Mazda) is provided for the Nursing students for the clinical work to CSI Rainy Multispeciality hospital and also for the community programme.

Our Library is 13,635 sq.ft in measurement which can accommodate 100 to 120 students at a time.  Our School library is equipped with all speciality books including fundamentals of Nursing, Microbiology, Bio-Chemistry, Community Health Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing, Child health Nursing.  Obstetric and Gynecology nursing, Anatomy and Physiology, Pharmacology, Pathology.  Theatre technique and general books on English, General Knowledge,Computer, Sociology, Psychology, Nutrition and Research.  We have a journal section where national and international journals on Medicine,Surgery Nursing and Pediatric and Intensive care, emergency care.  We have annual and Bi-annual magazines and journals related to nursing.  There is a vast space of 13,635 sq.ft to enable our students in enriching, uplifting and updating the knowledge to build them as professionals.

Our students spend time in the library during daytime and during study hours in the evening from 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm and they are supervised by the tutors.

We have a librarian who maintains the registers for issuing and replacement of books It is a well maintained library withadequate lighting and ventilation, with attached toilets..

Books are available as per INC Requirements

Hospital (Parental / Affiliated)




Managerial :  CSI Rainy Multispeciality Hospital has the necessary managerial capacity in as much as the hospital has taken up a series of educational institutions with the best personnel having vast administrative experience in managing the institutions.  Thus the Rainy hospital has the required managerial capacities in running the School of Nursing.

Accomodation :  Presently the Nursing School is located  within the hospital premises.The class rooms, Laboratories, Library, Student recreation room are provided.  There is an Auditorium with a 200 seating capacity in the second floor of school of Nursing for holding meetings, seminars etc

Hostel for the students:  Hostel accommodation for the students is provided on opposite to the School of Nursing building, where spacious rooms with attached bathrooms are provided.

Equipment :  The required equipment for the School of Nursing including the Laboratories- Fundamental, Community, Nutritional Labs have been procured and set in the laboratories.

Clinical Facilities :  The Nursing School students have the clinical facilities in CSI Rainy Multispeciality Hospital with 350 beds and CSI Kalyani Multispeciality Hospital with 200 beds under Diocese of Madras.  It is a Popular hospital in North Madras, particularly serving for the poor people where excellent clinical facilities are available for Nursing students.
Thus the Nursing students will have the unique opportunity of knowing all the procedures by providing hands-on experience and exposure to the latest medical technologies in the hospital in areas like Intensive Care units, Cardiology, Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, Orthopaedics, Neurology, Nephrology.  Over 52,000 patients visit the hospital every year from all parts of the city and near villages.  The hospital has been recognized by the State Government as referral hospital for the purpose of treatment and medical re-imbursement to state government employees and their dependents, supported by Radiology, Laboratories &  Emergency services.  The hospital practices the state-of-art, technology in its day today medical and surgical management. Thus the Nursing School will have the backup and clinical support a reputed Multispeciality Hospital in the  premises.

Buildings :The CSI Rainy Multispeciality Hospital has taken up the construction of huge and magnificent buildings for College of Nursing, in No.45, Gollavara agraharam Road, Chennai 600 021. The building Plan is enclosed.  The School of Nursing is built already with  29,294.5 sq.ft. Construction for the College of Nursing has a area of around 34,000 sq. ft.

Affiliated Hospital
Mehta Hospital
Dr.Mehta’s Hospital  is a well reputed institution in the city of Chennai located in Chetpet.The founder of the hospital is Dr.Mehta.The Hospital was started in the year 1954  with a bed strength of 50 and 4 Nurses. Over the period of time this hospital  has  grown enormously with a bed  strength of 220 and a daily occupancy of 70%-80%.  The hospital specializes in treating patients with varied  diseases conditions in the following areas.
General Surgery
Obstetrics & Gynaecology

We affiliated with Dr.Mehta’s Hospital for paediatric Nursing and Medical-Surgical Nursing.  The learning exposure for  the students is indeed varied and effective.

Institute of mental health was started in the year 1912. It is a 1500 bedded hospital located at kilpauk. The institute has an out patient department, In patient

Service, de addiction Ward criminal Ward etc.  The hospital admits and treats pateints with varied Psychiatric disorders. Over the period of time the Institute has developed into an advanced center for Service, training and research, inquires into molecular neruo- psychological, psycho social aspects of  the brain, mind behaviour and ivolves suitable technique to alleviate mental & Neural Problem.

The Institute offers individualized skill based vocational training, occupational therapy, Counselling and Laboratories leading to holistic rehabilitation.

Our students  are posted every year for a period of six week is (II years) and three weeks(interns) respectively. The students gain adequate knowledge and
Skill in caring for patients with psychiatric disorders.




Pulicut health center another rural health center of CSI Rainy Hospital was Inaugurated on 29.9.2006 by the Secretary of Madras Diocese.  Initially medical camps were conducted and covered about 750 patients with various ailments.   There after a senior ‘A’ grade nurse is posted from Rainy Hospital in the health center on a full time basis.  On Thursdays a doctor goes from the main Hospital.  They treat various patients and refer cases to our main hospital and to the government hospital.  Initially an average of 10-15 patients visited and utilized the service, currently 25-30 patients utilize these services.

We have now  introduced proper Medical Record for individual patients.  Our future plans are to start the following :-

  • Survey the community and its needs
  • Complete Immunization for target groups
  • Short listing of families in near by villages for regular family visit
  • Locating the high risk Antenatal and Paediatric cases below 5 years.
  • Locating morbidity cases and index cases for communicable diseases.
  • Conducting specialist medical camps
  • Mass health education and Hepatitis B awareness campaign.


Hostel facilities

A. Accommodation :   The student nurses hostel is situated opposite to the School of Nursing (within the School campus).  The hostel has two wings with a total sq.ft of 15659.

Right side      = 3 floors
                     = 5 room in each floor
                     = one dormitory
                     = Toilets – 9 Nos.
                     = Bathing rooms – 9 Nos.

Left side       = 2 floors
                    = 2 rooms in the ground floor and 5 rooms in the first floor.
                    = one dormitory
                    = Toilets – 3
                    = Bathing rooms – 3

The hostel accommodates 160 inmates.  The students are provided in built cupboards to keep their belongings, one table, chair and a cot.  The hostel  provides drinking water facilities, geyser, Television and a placious play ground.
Apart from the above mentioned facilities, the hostel consists of a recreation hall, which has indoor games such as chess, caramon board and tableTennis.
The hostel has two warden and each are provided with a separateroom and toilet attached. One tutor is staying in the hostel to supervise the students and is provided with a separate room with bath attached.
We have a judiciary committee who takes the responsibility of maintaining the rules of the hostel. We also have a food and health Committee which helps to avoid wastage of food and also take care of the students when they are sick.

1.  Dining Hall                                      = 899 sq.ft
2. Visitors hall                                      = 276 sq.ft
3. Kitchen                                            = 222 sq.ft
4. Store room 1                                   = 77 sq.ft
5. Store room 2                                   = 100 sq.ft
6. Store room 3                                   = 109 sq.ft
7. Students room (Right side)             = each room = 216 sq.ft
                                                              15 rooms = 216 x  15 = 3240 sq.ft  )
8. Students room (left side)                = 216 sq.ft x7 = 1512 sq.ft )  5796 sq.ft
9. Domitory                                         = 522 sq.ft x 2 = 1044 sq.ft )

10. Tutors room with toilet attached   = 207 sq.ft
11. Warden’s room I                           = 325 sq.ft
12. Warden’s room II                          = 172 sq.ft
13. Wash area                                     = 516 sq.ft
14. Toilet                                             = 125 sq.ft per Toilet (Total 12 Toilets)
15. Bathroom                                      = 157 sq. ft –per bathroom (Total 12 bathrooms)
Total built up area = 15659 sq.ft

All  work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.  As this statement says to keep our students active and smart, we our school has a very good recreational hall equipped with table tennis, caroms, chess and also outdoor games such as shuttle, Volley ball,Basket ball.
Apart from the above sports facilities, to entertain and freshen up the mind of our students.  We have a television set in the recreation hall, Dining hall and one in auditorium.
We allow our students to play both indoor and outdoor games.  Our School has a big recreational hall equipped with all indoor game materials like table tennis, caroms, chessand for outdoor games, Volleyball, throw ball, Basket ball, shuttle & Cork and badminton.Apart from these, our students does gardening.


Mess in the Nurses hostel is run by School of Nursing for the Nursing students.We have 2 wardens cum mess keepers who are managing the mess.  The mess is feeding nearly about 100 students and the mess fees is nominal rate.
There are about  six cooks, three helpers and an attender posted to help in cooking, serving and maintaining the cleanliness  of the kitchen, Hygienic food and safe drinking water is provided.
A well balanced diet is given  on all days, and our menu was appreciated by the BNE,SIB in their inspection report.
We have a Dining hall which can accommodate about ninety students at a time to dine.
Special diet is provided for the students at the times of illness, and hospitalization.  The students are happy and satisfied with the food supplied in  our Mess.