The Rotary School of Nursing functions in its own fully furnished premises of three floors (Ground plus two), with all amenities and infrastructure.  There are three Class Rooms – two in the Ground Floor and one in the Second Floor. The Chambers for the Principal, Vice Principal and one room for the Faculty members are located in the Ground Floor.  One Demonstration Room, one Nutrition Laboratory, one Community Laboratory and one Library are located in the First Floor – all adequately spacious and provided with necessary materials.  The Administrative Office of the School is located in the First Floor.  Besides these there is a large auditorium of a capacity of over 100 in the Second Floor, where School functions are held.  This auditorium is equipped with a Public Address System, furniture items and electrical fittings.



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There is a School Bus acquired from out of the funds provided by the Rotary Club of Kona – R.I,. District 5000 by way of Matching Grant for this Project of Rotary Club of Madras Southwest, through Rotary Foundation.  This vehicle is used to provide FREE transportation of the students from the hostel to the Nursing School and other hospitals where we have the clinical area, and back.  All the recurring liabilities on this transport arrangement, viz. Salaries, Fuel, Insurance, Road Tax, and Maintenance are met by the School



As mentioned above a Library well equipped with books and periodicals on Nursing is located in the School premises.  We are subscribing for national and international journals.

Hospital (Parental / Affiliated)

Our Nursing School is affiliated to the multi speciality hospitals listed below with details of beds in the clinical areas for bedside and practical training to our students:


Vijaya Hospital is located at Vadapalani.  It is a comprehensive medical institution fully facilitated with all specialities.  It has Vijaya Heart Foundation, Vijaya Health Centre and an Eye Research Foundation annexed to it.  This is one of the high-class medical facilities of Chennai city giving routine outpatient, inpatient and emergency services.  There are in house and consultant specialist Doctors, a team of competent Nursing personnel –Nursing Superintendent, Head Nurses, Staff Nurses and Student Nurses.  Our Student Nurses are assigned to this institution for training in outpatient and inpatient nursing, casualty nursing and specialised nursing under a long-term affiliation understanding.

The Best Hospital is another medical institution affiliated to our School.  It is located at Kodambakkam and it is also a multi-speciality institution fully equipped and facilitated.  There are in house and consultant specialist Doctors and a team of competent Nursing personnel, who give guidance to our students during their posting to the institution for training.


Public Health Centre, a third medical institution affiliated to our School, is located at West Mambalam.  It is also fully facilitated with many speciality departments, including Obstetrics and Gynaecology.  Our students are assigned to this institution for training in outpatient and inpatient nursing, Obstetric and Gynaec Nursing.

All these institutions are located at short distances between each other making it easy to cover by the students’ bus without much waste of time.


Training for our students in Urban Community Nursing is given at the Urban Health Posts of Vadapalani Zone of the Corporation of Chennai and in Rural Community Nursing at the Primary Health Centres of Ambattur Municipality (Korattur) in the periphery of Chennai City, with the approval of the concerned authorities – Government of Tamilnadu and Corporation of Chennai.  Necessary payments for these trainings are made by our Nursing School. 

Hostel facilities

Our students are provided Hostel accommodation at Sathyalok Gardens, Porur.  The entire liability towards this is borne by the Nursing School and as far as the students are concerned, the accommodation in the hostel is absolutely FREE and no separate Hostel Charges are collected.


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  The hostel is well equipped to accommodate all the 60 students of our Nursing School in a separate wing.  All facilities are provided to the students towards their comforts in the hostel.  All convenience for studies, recreation by indoor games, TV are made available for the students.


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Dining Hall


The students have their food from the Contract Mess of Sathyalok Gardens.  The food provided is good in quality Mess Charges claimed by Sathyalok are duly met by the Nursing School.  The students pay a part of it and the balance is subsidised by the Rotary Trust.