Frequently Asked Questions

Nursing Council

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How to apply for New/Primary registration?

A: Go to the website ,first do the signup and activation mail will be sent to your e-mail id.Then, activate your account by clicking activate button, and then login to your account and apply for registration. Strictly instructed to use same Registered Email ID for all purposes(Registration, Renewal,CNE,NOC,Foreign Verification, etc) for hassel free communication.


Q: Reason for “Rejected” application?

A: Kindly check your email id, reasons for rejection before you call to this office.


Q: How to resubmit your application after rejection?

A: Go to  and log in to your account using the registered email id and password and upload the documents mentioned as per the instruction sent in your mail by our office.


Q: How to solve issues related to Address in registration?

A: Enter your full Residential address with pincode correctly to receive your registration certificate by post, hence proper address to be typed by you while doing the registration itself. If fail to do so council is not responsible.


Q: How to check Payment status?

A: (a) Once you paid through net, kindly wait for 15 mins. You will get an email within 15 mins in your regd email id and payment confirmation.
(b) If mail not received within 15 minutes, again you SHOULD NOT login into payment option.
(c) Next step you have send a mail to council email id: with the problem faced.
(d) If you repeatedly pay council is not responsible and the amount should not be refunded.


Q: What to do if payment status is pending, but amount is debited from  your account?

A: You have to send an e-mail by attaching your acknowledgement receipt and bank account transaction(Screenshot) details to
(b) If acknowledgement number is not generated you have to send candidate’s name, Date of birth, registered email id and account transaction details to


Q: What to do if your name not showing or date of birth is incorrect  or other candidate’s name shown in Institution Data Verification screen?

A: You have to  send “Institution Data Verification screen screenshot, your degree or diploma certificate, Course completion certificate, 12th mark sheet” to our email id, if the above error shows.



Q: How to apply for NOC?

A: Go to and login through your e-mail id and password and apply for NOC. After receiving verification mail, do online payment. After payment you have to send payment receipt, Original TN Registration certificate, Original ID card, Original renewal certificate if you done your renewal, Additional registration certificate, Request letter by post to Council address.



Q: How to apply for Good Standing letter?

A: Go to   and login using Registered  e-mail and password and choose for good standing letter. After receiving verification mail, do online payment. After Payment Minimum 7 working days, You will receive a Good Standing in your registered e-Mail ID.


Q: How to apply for Foreign verification form/letter?

A: Go to and login using e-mail and password and choose for Foreign verification. After receiving verification mail, do online payment. Afer 7 working days, you can track the status of your application form in the same login


Q: Foreign verification, good standing and NOC payment is debited, but payment status is showing pending?

A: You have to  send a request e-mail by mentioning your Name, Registration Number, account transaction details(screenshot) to


Q: How to apply for two countries for Foreign verification?

A: Candidate who want to apply for two countries, first they have to finish one country process and then you can apply for other country process.


Q: How to check tracking number for Foreign verification form/letter?

A: Go to and login using your Registered  e-mail and password and choose the icon Foreign verification. In your login you can find your tracking number.


CNE Hours

Q: How to do 150 CNE hours?

A: (i) you can get experience certificate form the nursing head of the department and upload in website if you are working in direct patient care/direct public health centre.
(ii) you can attend free online CNE course in “”.
(iii) you can upload Journal article details.
(iv) you can upload INC recognized additional Registration certificate’s like M.Sc/PBBSc/PBDiploma’s.
(v) You can upload CNE certificates approved by tnnmc.


Q: How to attach document for CNE hours?

A: Go to website -> start your Renewal -> select correct category, enter Registration number -> click submit -> check your CNE credit hours -> request to add missing credit hours.


Q: How to know about free CNE classes?

A: Visit Council’s website and look under “CNE Approved list” icon.


Q: How to know about CNE guidelines?

A: Visit council’s website and look under “CNE process details” icon.



Q: How to do CNE Renewal without Payment?

A: After completing 150 hours. You can do Renewal in “> Start your Renewal and to the renewal without payment.


Q: How to change CNE renewal photo correction?

A: You have to send a recent passport size photo in “Jpeg” format mentioning your RN/RM number, name and send mail to and wait for 2 days, after 2 days call to 044 - 46786539.


Q: How to change e-mail id in CNE renewal?

A: Go to  website, select Login and select  forgot  E-mail ID option and change the Email ID then inform us through our official E-mail ID


Q: What doucments need for “Paid Renewal”?

A: You have to upload RN,RM original certificate, current Appointment proof/still working/Bonafied certificate/ Foreign  verification Proof, Passport size photo in Jpeg format and your full address details in India.


Q: Who are all eligible for Paid Renewal?

A: Those who are registered with us on or before 30th June 2012. Once renewed, then every five years to be renewed with 150 CNE hours.


Q: Who are all eligible for CNE Renewal?

A: Those who are registered with us from 1st July 2012 onwards.


Q: If Renewal e-certificate not received?

A: Check your Registered Email ID used in our software through our website under Online CNE àLogin à Forget    Email ID, then correct it and inform us in our E-mail ID


Q: What to do if you have any other clarification/queries?

A: For any clarification, you may contact to us through our  official email id:


Q: To join Nursing Course?

A: Visit the website