Notice Board

Nursing Council

Nightingale Pledge


I solemnly pledge in the presence of this assembly
To render nursing services with due respect
For the dignity and rights of the people I serve
I will, at all times, respect the values and beliefs
Of the people entrusted to my care
And will make no distinction of caste, creed or race
In the Performance of my duties
I will strive in the practice of my profession
To promote health, prevent illness, alleviate sufferings,
And restore health of the people I serve
I will hold in trust personal information
Of a confidential nature
And use my best judgement in sharing this
With responsible persons
I will strive to maintain co-operative relationship
With fellow-workers in nursing and other fields
I will try to maintain standard of personal conduct
That will reflect credit upon my profession.
I will strive to observe the code of nursing Ethics
As laid down by my profession.
Ref: Nightingale Pledge & code for nurses 1973.