Nursing Council


Process of Providing Authority to use an Exclusive Title to those persons to enter in the "State Register" Maintained under the Law of the State.

Tamilnadu Candidates (Primary)

Register the Qualification in the concerned State.

Primary Registration means the candidates who obtain Recognised Qualification within Tamilnadu and Registering the same Qualification in Tamilnadu Nurses and Midwives Council as per the Act.

1) Candidates may apply through online and upload the required documents online to this Council for Registration.

Registration is being done for the following programmes with the Provisional / Original Nursing Qualification Certificate from the Recognized Examining Bodies.

S.No Name of the Courses
I. Diploma in Auxiliary Nursing - Midwifery / Multipurpose Health Worker(F) Training
II. Health Visitor/Multipurpose Health Supervisor(F)
III. Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery
IV. Basic B.Sc., Nursing

Tamilnadu Candidate’s (Primary) Additional Qualification

Registration of Additional Qualification done by this Council for the Candidates who has Obtained Nursing Qualification after Registering their Basic Qualification in Tamilnadu Nurses and Midwives Council.


Other State Candidates (Secondary Registration)

Register the Qualification in the concerned State where you have trained. Subsequently Registering the same Qualification once again in Other State within India where you would like to practice nursing/do higher education is Secondary Registration.

After surrendering your parental Registration Certificate at your Council and should obtain a NOC from the Parental Council to Register in Tamilnadu to practise the profession within Tamilnadu through Online.

Any Nurse who is working in Tamilnadu should Register with TNNMC. As per the TNNMC ACT-1926, it is a mandatory to Practise the Nursing and Midwifery Profession within Tamilnadu.


No Objection Certificate

Request letter from the candidate by mentioning in which State they are going to move. Along with this, the Candidate has to apply through online and submit the documents as per our link "Requirements for Registration".

Duplicate Certificate

Duplicate Certificate is being issued by this Council due to Loss or Damage of the Registration Certificate. However, Candidate can apply for Duplicate Registration Certificate after a period of six months from the date Certificate was lost.


Change of Name

1 Changing the name in the Register due to Marriage and Other Reasons.
2 A copy of the Gazette Notification for change of name, to be submitted. Alogn with the other documents mentioned in our link "Requirements for Registration"
3 Original Registration Certificate & ID Card to be surrendered.