Types of Registration

Nursing Council

Issue of “No Objection Certificate” (NOC)

Request letter from the candidate by mentioning in which State they are going to move. Along with this, the following documents to be submitted:-

No Objection Certificate - (NOC)
1 Online Application under the link "Online NOC & Foreign Verification" through our website www.tamilnadunursingcouncil.com
2 If a Nurse required NOC for higher study purpose, candidate should submit bonafide certificate from the concerned institution.
3 If a nurse required NOC for job purpose, then the candidate should submit the offer letter from the concerned institution / hospital.
4 Basic Registration Certificate of this Council RN/RM and Original Renewal Certificate with ID card to be surrendered to this Council.
5 Online Fee of Rs.200/-
6 Online Payment Acknowledgement Slip – Scanned copy of Original